our vision

Heart-warming games, made with love!

We want to delight players of all backgrounds with our fantastical, feel-good games - which is why we pour our heart and soul into every title.

We bring our rich history of AAA game development and our sharp artistic minds to create visually stunning worlds filled with warmth, charm and character so that players have a mobile gaming experience like no other.

The Founders

Mark Rose has over 20 years cross-discipline experience working for AAA studios such as EA, Lionhead and Microsoft. Mark previously founded Wonderland Software - a mobile games studio that launched the app-store smash hit GodFinger and was later acquired by gaming giant Zynga.

Toby Allen is the naturally gifted illustrator who creates characters with such charm you can't help but fall in love with them. Toby's visual masterpieces are so iconic that they frequently go viral across social media.

With Mark's development expertise and Toby's artistic magic our games will always stand above the rest in a crowded marketplace.

the team

Mark Rose
CEO & Founder
Toby Allen
Illustrator and Founder
Mohammad Dabiri
Lead Programmer
Tom Froud
Head of Product
Rachel Cutts
Environment Artist
Ryan Singh
Senior Programmer
Gina Shepherd
QA Tester
Ryan Ayton
Senior Programmer
Gemma Campbell
Senior Data Analyst
Ian Maull
Senior Producer
Emilijus Jocas